Bare Root Plants

What are bare root plants?

Many perennial plants can be sent by post without out the need for pots or compost.  The plants have the majority of the compost removed.   The roots are partly or wholly exposed.

Why send plants bare root?

Before cheap plastic plant pots were available plants were obtained from nurseries in one of two ways, seeds or as bare root plants.   Professional growers still supply plants this way to nurseries.  Bare root plants have many benefits over containerised plants:

reduced packaging

removing the pot and compost means the plants take up less space, weigh less and plastic use is reduced.

healthier plants

bare root plants are dormant and do not damage so easily as potted plants, the lack of compost also reduces the risk of soil-borne pests and diseases.

faster growing plants

the plants must be potted up or be planted out soon after they arrive, so the fresh compost or soil means they get a better start.

in addition, the trimming we give the roots actually encourages new root formation when you repot / plant out the plants.

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