Quality peat-free and organic plants

Gwynfor Growers has been producing high quality plants grown in peat-free composts and using organic methods since 2003. Although no longer open to the public, we still offer our plants online. See below for our current availability…

Rare and hard to find plants that perform

Many of the plants we grow are old varieties that are now rare or hard to find.

One of the big advantages of these “old-fashioned” plants is they are usually more attractive to pollinators than modern varieties.  Bees, bumblebees and butterflies love these nectar-rich plants.

Another great thing is they are often easy-to-grow or to use an old term they’re “doers”.  You don’t need to be an expert gardener to grow most of our plants!

Great plants for your garden

So, if you’re looking for plants that are good for the environment, good for your garden and good for pollinating insects then you’ve found them!

Scroll down to see what’s available now…

Delivery and Returns

Live plants need fast delivery, so we use a 24 hour tracked service.  Delivery charges are based on the number of plants in your order:

1 to 4 plants

5 to 9 plants
10+ plants




Orders are dispatched early in the week to minimise the risk of your plants being held up over a weekend. 

If there is any problem with your order please get in touch immediately.  We will do our best to put things right.


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