About Cookies

Why is there no cookie consent banner?

Gwynfor Growers website only uses essential cookies, so the current law means that no cookie consent is needed.

What are essential cookies?

These are cookies needed to keep track of the shopping cart and payments.  Without these cookies the online store will not work.

In comparison, non essential cookies are those that track you.  Tracking cookies are created when you visit a website and can be picked up again when you visit another site.  This type of cookie is often used for targeting advertisements and even filtering search results.  They are an infringement of your privacy and we do not use them!

So, what cookies does Gwynfor Growers use?

Gwynfor Growers website does create any cookies.  

The essential cookies used on this site are created for:

Shopping cart by Ecwid

Cookies keep track of the products you have ordered.

We have disabled account creation features because we feel this is intrusive.

Payment by PayPal and Stripe

 Cookies relating to the payment status of your order are necessary so that financial transactions are completed.

National Collection Holder

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