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Trwyn Mochyn/Anglesey Pigs Snout
This is a large green cooking apple, dating from the 1600s and is similar to Catshead or Grenadier in its cooking qualities.

The apple cooks to a well-flavoured, slightly perfumed puree that needs little added sugar.  When wrapped in pastry and baked it formed the traditional apple dumpling eaten by local farm workers.

The Trwyn Mochyn is a heavy cropper. The fruit is usually ready for picking in early October for use from October to January. The fruit will keep for several months in cool storage where the flavour will mellow and the apple becomes a brisk eater.

The tree is very disease resistant. It is in pollination group C, which means it can usually be pollinated by group B,C and D apple trees. This makes the Trwyn Mochyn more suitable for planting in cold areas or frost pockets.