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The Diamond apple is the most recent apple to be rescued by Ian Sturrock. Not only does the Diamond apple have an interesting history, but it tastes good too.

The fruit is well textured, with a vinous flavour followed by a distinct strawberry finish. It is an early-season apple that may ripen as soon as August in good years. It is at its best eaten straight from the tree, especially when late-summer warmth allows its full flavour to develop. The Diamond apple is pollination group B  and so can be pollinated by any of our other Welsh apples.
The New York packet ship Diamond was an important ship, one of the first to operate to a regular transatlantic timetable. She took 21 days to make the crossing and carried important passengers as well as cargo.

Bound for Liverpool on the stormy night of
2nd January 1825, the Diamond was wrecked near Barmouth in Cardigan Bay.

Barrels of apples from the ship’s cargo were washed ashore.  Enterprising locals in Dyffryn Ardudwy planted the pips and developed orchards from the seedlings.  

Over time these orchards were gradually lost.
In 2006, after much searching, Ian Sturrock finally found a single tree in Dyffryn Ardudwy. bearing “bright red pointed real American looking apples”.
The wreck of The Diamond
The landowner confirmed the tree was one of the Diamond apples and next spring Ian grafted the first new Diamond apple trees using wood taken from the old tree.