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At about six foot tall Bangor’s first motorised milk lady, Anne Jones, was an imposing figure. In her garden at Goetre Bach near Felinheli , she had a famous apple tree. Auntie Annie called the tree the ‘Cox  Cymraeg’.

The apple was nearly lost twice. The first time was when Anne’s house was demolished to straighten the main A487 road in the 1940s.  The tree was removed to one of the few remaining houses about 100 yards away.
About 50 years later the construction of the A55 meant more demolition. The original tree was buried but a daughter tree nearby was rescued -  Annie’s famous tree was saved just in time!

Now the Cox Cymraeg is propagated close to its original home by Ian Sturrock & Sons.

This apple is very like the normal Cox’s Orange Pippin. However, unlike the Cox, it is easy to grow, needs only one other pollinator and is disease resistant.

This pollination group B apple is medium-sized with the same balance of sweetness, acidity and aroma. If you like a Cox then you’ll like this apple.

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Cox Cymraeg/Welsh Cox